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Direct Buy opened their first Club in 1971, Direct Buy has become the leading home improvement and furnishings club in North America -- with over 160 Clubs in the U.S. and Canada. Today Direct Buy Club is over 400,000 members strong. We work with top home furnishings and improvement manufacturers to bring you their products at the direct insider price. We take pride in working with the most trusted brands, giving our members access to quality products at tremendous savings.

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I purchased a membership at a store 16 miles from my house. That location closed. Now the closest Direct Buy is 45 miles away. It is not reasonable for a 70 year old woman to drive 45 miles (90 round trip) through very busy traffic to look at swatches or place an order. Your double teaming hard sell neglected to tell me the store was closing - Nor to mention all the delivery fees AND SERVICE FEES I would have to pay.

Brenda Biddle


Continued. Almost everything I want to buy must be first delivered to the store at a fee and then I must pay a delivery charge from the warehouse. Since we are talking about furniture that is a lot of money. Other companies ship directly to the home! However, that option is only available on a few items. I think my contract is breached and I want a refund.

Brenda Biddle


This is to request a refund of membership fees. I am a 70 year old woman. I purchased a membership (after a hard sell where I was double teamed) at the Direct Buy at Bridgeville, PA. That location was 16 miles from my house. That location was closed. Now the closed location is 45 miles away through very busy traffic. This is not a reasonable distance to travel for an elderly woman.

Brenda Biddle

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