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Etsy is your place to buy and sell handmade products, Vintage Items, and Art on the internet. Etsy is what ebay aimed to be but is not. Etsy is fun and creative, yet the site allows you to make money at the same time.

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I gave the wrong email address and I can\'t get to speak to anyone nor is there a place to edit what I\'ve incorrectly written.

This is the most complicated site I have ever encountered and it is obvious to me that they are not paying a professional webmaster to administer the site.

I want to buy four different items and the seller loses these sales due to either Etsy\'s incompetence or Etsy\'s plan to make money off the backs of these trusting souls who pay to have their merchandise displayed.

The sellers in the meantime are probably wondering why they aren\'t making money off their beautifully made merchandise that they are paying to display.

My suggestion, if you are a seller, use someone else\'s computer, adopt another identity and try and buy something off of your site.

Irene Lemaitre


My e-mail has been deactivated and I have no other that I know how to use, so I can\'t get registered to buy something. Help!

brian or Karen groover

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