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Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking.

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I forgot my password on facebook, when I reset it, I do not receive the sms or the e-mail they refer to so there is no way I can go into my facebook again.

Claudean Da Encarnacao


I clicked on a link a model \"friend\" sent me, to view her competion photos, as she said she was upset for people reporting them when there was nothing wrong with them, anyway she asked me to check them & see - Due to using my mobile & not a computer, it overloaded & crashed & I now am somehow unable to log back into my old account - which looks to be still logged in & active - yet I\'ve had to make a new account, somehow with the same details? Is that possible or has someone takin over & changed my old account details - I WOULD LIKE IT BACK! :(

LDs Daz


i am so upset with this, i just told your expert that i wouldnt pay anything to get help from fb this is something that should be free anyway. i am tired of not getting a answer from FB. i need help sending out a message and i have tried the way your help line has said and it doesnt work you need to go back and do it the way we did it before and stop changing things. now where you click on to see who is online now it has all my friends listed wether there onmine or not so you need to change all this back to the original way. thanks sheila hodges

sheila hodges


i dont understand why i cant get the rite help on fb it really gets upsetting,i am handicapped and i get upset when i cant get the rite help . thank you

sheila hodges


Is anyone there... I need to find out how to change back to page instead of profile but don\'t want to lose my new friends.



I can\'t find the answer to my question on help. I am told I need to change back to a business page. How do I do that without losing everyone that has become a friend again.



I can\'t log into Facebook keeps telling me error try later or there is a maintenance issue should be fix in a few hours. It\'s been several and still can\'t log in.



same issue here,within a few hours has been 8 hours now. my kids can all get onto their pages but I can\'t from either desktop or laptop



Im having the same issue. I can login on my iphone but not on my laptop. It makes no sense



I am having the same problem Jesusa... very irritating to say the least!



Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience What is this problem FB is having? I\'m unable to log on to FB but my boyfriend can from same computer!!

Jesusa Molina


due to somneone going into my face book uninvited abd causing bother for me .i have deactivated my account. i recieved an email last week thanking me for re activating it , I didnt somebody stll getting in aso playing games once again i have deactivated it. i lost my job because someone doing this where do i stand surely facebook can help my page was meant to be secure

allison laird


I have only been able to deactivate my account. I WANT TO DELETE IT. FACEBOOK DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO DO THAT. HELP!!


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