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Beware: The Magazine Billing Network MBN is not associated with the official magazines. Please use your judgement before subscribing or using a 3rd party not associated with our magazine of choice.

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Magazine Billing Network
PO BOX 61001
Reno, NV 89506

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Paid your company $68.95 in May for National Geographic, you cashed my check and I got nothing. You are crooks

E W Smith


John is right; yesterday I got TWO \"renewals\" for magazines I\'ve never subscribed to. You just hope people will forget what they\'ve signed up for and pay you. Another family member fell for your line of bull and paid her subscription twice. You\'re crooks.



This MBN is a scam organization.
They send misleading subscription offers, at inflated prices, and don\'t deliver.
The magazine doesn\'t hear from them.


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