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We\'re always very sorry to hear about our members being taken advantage of through our service. is committed to fight fraud and offers its members several avenues for reporting instances of fraud, including 7-day-a-week toll-free phone support(1-888-688-4760, or 514 907-0015 if you are outside North America), round-the-clock email support –, as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours. Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not.

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team regarding any issues you are experiencing, or any technical difficulties you have encountered and we\'ll be happy to try and resolve them with you. That\'s what we\'re here for!

For your convenience, here is a direct link to our site’s Help/Contact Us page, which contains most of our contact options.

For additional options, please access our Help/Contact Us page from within your account itself after logging in, which you can do from this link:

Mate1 Customer Support


Someone has been using my money to pay your company for whateever service you provide. Dont know how often just yet but I have cancelled my acct with bank. I need your help to find this person. She has been using ck acct 1098235407 and email address
Please call me at 405-326-4332 this Bitch has put me 600.00 in debt and I want to press charges. For sureI know she paid on april 14th thru a company called 2000 charge. Any help you can give would be great!


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