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The most trusted provider of vehicle history information, CARFAX is used by millions of consumers each year. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports™ are available on all used cars and light trucks model year 1981 or later. Using the unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN), a CARFAX Report is instantly generated from our database of over six billion records.

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I tried to buy the carfax report for my own car in order to verify what possible customers will be seeing. I tried two times to buy the report, both times ended up being unsuccessful, yet both times I was charged.

Kun Chen


Have been trying to reach CARFAX to cancel my account and you continue charging my credit card. I did not receive one report that was helpful as too much info was missing. I do not want this service and request a refund and cancellation of my account.

Carolyn Bailey



hAVE been attempting to reach carfax by phone, e mail and fax for one and one half months. No reponse. Report IS INCORRECT and I have every document to prove it. They dont\'t seem to be interested. Thought they were reputable

Camille Lewis


Carfax is a completely a scam. They shound be banned from USA. I baught a 2006-chevy Impala brand new only 4 miles. Before I buy ths vehicle I was trying find used car so I had car fax subscription to use car fax report 5 cars. When dealer gave me the Vin number of my car for insurance. I was checking with carfax. It was showing 7 reports on that car. I contacted Dealer. Car was not registered yet how the car fax got the 7 reports on that car? I was trying to find Carfax direct number. Finally I found their office in MIchigan. They beg apology for false report and gave my car fax subscription back. Carfax should eb banned for USA for good.


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